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Bridging the Gaps of Hope Gala 2017 - Masks

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Mask Spotlight - Gypsy Renaissance 

Black Velvet Feathered Mask - $180.00
  • Covered with black satin fabric and decorated with black braiding, black lace, and sequin trim.
  • Adorned with a semi-circle of black feathers, three rhinestone-studded ostrich plumes, and three rhinestone-studded nagoire feathers.
  • Embellished with black glass beaded appliqués and glass beaded dangles. Finished with a black glass beaded flower and crystal rhinestones.
  • Comes with cotton cord ties and is lined with a soft felt backing.
  • Dimensions:  Approx. 11" width x 20" height (with adornments)
White Beaded & Feathered Mask - $180.00
  • Covered with white iridescent lamé fabric and decorated with white braiding and crystal rhinestone banding.
  • Adorned with two semi-circles of white feathers and topped with three decorated white nagoire feathers. 
  • Embellished with iridescent and silver glass beaded appliqués, iridescent glass beaded leaves, and crystal and pearl beaded fringe. 
  • Finished with crystal rhinestones.
  • Comes with cotton cord ties and is lined with a soft felt backing.
  • Dimensions:  Approx. 12" width x 9" height (with adornments)
  • Covered with black sequins and trimmed with silver and gold sequins.
  • Finished with silver and gold metallic stars, black sequin discs, and rhinestones; Comes with cotton cord ties and is lined with a soft felt backing.
  • Dimensions:  Approx. 6" width x 4" height
  • Covered with lamé or moiré fabric and decorated with braiding, metallic trim, and sequins.
  • Finished with rhinestones.
  • Comes with cotton cord ties and is lined with a soft felt backing.
  • Dimensions:  Approx. 6" width x 4" height
  • Hand painted lame or moiré fabric and decorated with braiding and metallic gold trim.
  • Finished with rhinestones and comes with cotton core ties to secure mask.
  • Whole mask is lined with a soft felt backing.
  • Covered with black lamé fabric and trimmed with black braiding.
  • Finished with black jet jewels.
  • Comes with cotton cord ties and is lined with a soft felt backing
  • Dimensions:  Approx. 7" width x 4" height

Other Masks

Black & White Velvet Mask - $23.00
  • Black velvet mask with silver trim.
  • Detailing with a black mesh rose and black side feathers. 
Red Sequin Mask with Drop-Down Beads - $30.00
  • Red shimmer base with sequin and trim detailing.
  • Ruby-red jeweled lines dropping from mask.
  • Secured with silk ties.
Red and Black Sequin & Lace Mask with Feathers - $35.00
  • Cherry-red base covered in black lace, and black crystals throughout along with elegant trim and satin ties.
  • Accented with two symmetrical feather flowers.
Red and Black Velvet Mask with Gold Lining - $40.00
  • Dual toned black and red mask.
  • Has gold embroidery and black jewel, feather, and bead accents.
  • Secured with silk ties.
Black Lace Mask with Pink Accents - $35.00
  • Black lace and pink satin mask, with jewel and feathers.
  • Secured with silk ties.
Gold Mardi Gras Mask - $25.00
  • Venetian Mardi Gra-styled gold mask lined with gold trim.
  • Handmade glitter detailing.
  • Accented with colored mesh bow, emerald colored jewel, and feathers.
White Jewel-studded Mask - $75.00
  • Intricate rhinestones in a fox styled mask lined with smaller crystals.
  • Secured with a black ribbon.
  • 6” width, 3.75” length
Gold-Embellished Dramatic Mask - $20.00
  • Gold tragedy plastic masquerade mask with exquisite trim, glitter detailing, and a subtle crackle paint effect.
  • Sits on a flip up headband, allowing the mask to swivel up on top of the head or down onto the face.
Black Velvet Ornate Mask - $50.00
  • Detailed black felt crown mask with crystal accents and beaded lines below the eyes.
  • Secured with black ties.
Gold & White-Embellished Mask - $35.00
  • Venetian styled fabric based mask with white and gold trim and embellishments.
  • Accented with a white flower and secured with silk ties.
Black & Gold-Embellished Mask - $30.00
  • Small black and white eye mask with glitter detailing and gold lining.
  • Secured with silk ties.
Egyptian-style Male Mask - $23.00
  • Male Egyptian styled mask secured with an adjustable clear headband.
  • Gold shimmer lame material base with blue felted accents and gold trim.
Egyptian-style Female Mask - $40.00
  • Molded plastic face mask decorated in metallic gold tinsel fabric.
  • Has blue tinsel fabric above the eyes, plus gold and black braiding.
  • The top has an attached section in matching gold, plus faux jewel and stud embellishments with an extended decorated cobra.
  • Three strips of metallic gold fabric with jeweled ends hang from each side.
  • The back is lined in black felt for comfort.
  • The mask has glasses arms, to secure over your ears like a pair of glasses!
  • Mask is approximately 17cm wide and 18cm tall. 
Black and White Flower Mask - $35.00
  • Dual colored black and white mask with silver accents and trim.
  • One side is embellished with a black mesh flower, and the other is covered in white lace and ribbon.
Black Velvet Cat Mask - $40.00
  • Black velvet cat mask with detailed black trim.
  • Mask includes clear whiskers, a black layered flower and a cascade of black lace and ribbon.
  • Secured with black ties.
Multi-Colored Glitter Mask - $35.00
  • Multi-colored Mardi Gras styled eye mask with colored diamond panels and gold lining.
  • Secured with black ribbon.
Reflective Silver Mask - $75.00
  • Crafted in a classic, round shape, this mask appears like a mirror.
  • Secured with satin ties.
Long-Nosed Paper Mask - $23.00
  • Venetian Raven gold/silver/white mask.
  • Made out of a durable plastic and lined with soft material.
  • Features a very exaggerated nose.
Red Paper Mask - $12.00 
  • Red Italian male masquerade mask is a deluxe classic Verona style mask.
  • Has a rectangular form and lined with smooth material.
  • Secures with fabric ties.
White Paper Mask - $15.00
  • Sharp white half-face male mask.
  • Lined with smooth fabric and secured with an elastic band.
Black Paper Hero Mask - $10.00
  • Classic male black rectangular mask lined with smooth fabric.
  • Secured with fabric ties.