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Our Dedicated Volunteers

Thank you to all of our amazing, dedicated volunteers who help us create events and provide opportunities for children with special needs.

Thank you to Jenna Anderson, Garrett Brown, Christina Pitman, Bank of America's Community and DAN Volunteers for your continuous support!

Bridging the Gaps of Hope Gala 2016

Bridging the Gaps of Hope Gala 2015


Lili Asvar
Brion Ballow
Tamra Bosson
Cassandra Burns
Heather Cota
Alyse Cronk
Maria Cruz
Shogufa Farhad
Carly Fulgham
Tina Jiang
Olivia Johnson
Connie McCarthy
Kimberly Moore
Alicia Morales
Jade Mule
Shirley Mule
Brian Newell
Emily Nieves
Gina O’Callaghan
Katrina Reppert
Jessica Rodgriguez
Yesenia Sanchez
Kayla Solis
Judy Turner
VCCU CommUNITY Giving Volunteers
Lindsay Wilkerson
Asra Zuhair
With Special Thanks to Bank of America Community Volunteers
Ruel Remigio
Radana Parnia
Sherilyn Rudney 

Steering Committee Members
Richard Brill
Heather Cota
Tom Feilen
Sue Giambi
Tina Grumney
Greg Gutfliesch
Mary Kate Jankowski
Tom Jankowski
Olivia Johnson
Justin Lofton
David Mirisch
Shantha Mony
Jill Munoz
Neil Palache
Jessica Stoop
Lori Weber