Our goal and our vision is to provide as much support as we can in assisting families who are maneuvering through the challenging journey that we face in helping our special needs children to progress in their lives and become all that they can be.

“With resources for special populations slowly but surely shrinking, there’s a greater call for all stakeholders to work together to find creative solutions. Center4SpecialNeeds can act as a conduit for parents, non-profits, public agencies, and private businesses to work together toward common goals, allowing information and limited resources to go so much further for the individuals being served.”

“Unfortunately there are a percentage of special needs children and families who don’t meet the eligibility criteria for services with the usual provider agencies, though they have legitimate needs. These individuals of unfortunate circumstance slip through the cracks without the help they deserve, and they struggle enormously. Center4SpecialNeeds recognizes this and is striving to do something about it.”
Cecilia Laufenberg,RTC
Therapeutic Recreation Supervisor


Our Mission

  • To offer financial support for families, that have children ages 2-16 with developmental disabilities, to access a variety of services & interventions
  • To offer educational workshops to families with special needs children
  • To offer a monthly Mom’s and Dad’s night out & a monthly Mom’s coffee to all special needs parents regardless of age or disability
  • To offer networking opportunities through email for families with special needs children to connect
  • To provide a central location (this website) to access all the resources available to families with special needs children
  • To increase awareness within the general population